4 May 2019 Closing Event: Everything I Ever Learnt. SG1. Alison Richard Building, University of Cambridge, 7 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT.
Where Have all the Individuals Gone?
In 2014, the Spectator published an article on the rise of crowd culture: ‘Individualism is dead: we have succumbed to the lure of the crowd’, where Ross Clark argues ‘of all changes in British life over the past generation, nothing has been quite so stark as the strange death of individualism’.
A month before publication, six million people had lined the streets to watch the Tour de France wind through Yorkshire. Clark, referencing the unprecedented crowds, suggests that ‘it couldn’t have been the sport they were after; a more unsatisfactory spectator experience could scarcely be imagined.’
Five years on, this presentation will analyse the mass shared experience and ask where have all the individuals gone?
With Sophie Ellen, Sarah Brittain Edwards, Heloise Bergman, Tiina Burton, Gemma Taylor and a Q&A with Shutter Hub. [link]
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